100 Paw patrol dog names male and female

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If your child is a fan of Paw Patrol and you're looking for a dog name inspired by the popular animated series, you're in luck! Browse our list of Paw Patrol inspired dog names for both male and female pups. 

From Chase and Marshall to Skye and Everest, these names are perfect for any Paw Patrol enthusiast. 

Give your furry friend a name that not only showcases their adorable personality but also pays homage to their favorite TV show. 

Whether your dog is brave, adventurous, or just loves to help out, there's a Paw Patrol name that will suit them. So, get ready to embark on a fun-filled adventure with your new pup and their Paw Patrol-inspired name.

Paw patrol dog names male and female

Paw patrol dog names Male 

1. Chase

2. Marshall

3. Rubble

4. Rocky

5. Zuma

6. Ryder (not a dog, but the leader of PAW Patrol)

7. Tracker

8. Rex

9. Everest (female husky, but still part of the team)

10. Apollo

11. Tuck

12. Jake (not a dog, but a human character who works with the PAW Patrol)

13. Wildcat

14. Snowy

15. King

16. Buddy

17. Rumble

18. Hercules

19. Rocky (also a name shared with one of the main characters)

20. Ace

21. Flash

22. Thor

23. Bolt

24. Lucky

25. Duke

26. Shadow

27. Cooper

28. Max

29. Jasper

30. Diesel

31. Jax

32. Bruno

33. Gizmo

34. Dash

35. Rex

36. Scout

37. Cody

38. Bandit

39. Blue

40. Rusty

41. Sparky

42. Oreo

43. Turbo

44. Apollo (also a name shared with one of the main characters)

45. Hunter

46. Oscar

47. Bentley

48. Blaze

49. Dash

50. Milo

These names will be familiar to fans of PAW Patrol and can be a great choice for your own pup.

Paw patrol dog names Female

Certainly! Here are the names of the female dogs from the popular children's show "PAW Patrol":

1. Skye

2. Everest

3. Liberty (a bald eagle)

4. Ella (formerly known as Ella the Elephant)

5. Sweetie (an antagonist character)

6. Katie (the PAW Patrol's vet)

7. Cali (Mayor Goodway's pet)

8. Chickaletta (Mayor Goodway's pet chicken)

9. Chickaletta's niece

10. Mighty Skye (Mighty Pups version)

11. Mighty Everest (Mighty Pups version)

12. Mighty Tracker (Mighty Pups version)

13. Mighty Tuck (Mighty Pups version)

14. Luna (PAW Patrol: The Movie character)

15. Rex's alter ego

16. Rocky's alter ego

17. DJ Rubble (Rubble's alter ego)

18. Mighty Pups Skye

19. Mighty Pups Everest

20. Mighty Pups Tuck

21. Merpup Skye

22. Merpup Zuma

23. Merpup Rubble

24. Merpup Everest

25. Merpup Marshall

26. Merpup Rocky

27. Tracker's alter ego

28. Mighty Pups Tracker

29. Luna Girl (antagonist)

30. Julia Goodway (Mayor Goodway's niece)

31. Grover Goodway (Mayor Goodway's nephew)

32. Bettina (a poodle)

33. Ladybird (rescue bird)

34. Pearl (merpup)

35. Pup-Fu Skye (Pup-Fu version)

36. Tilly Turbot (Francois Turbot's sister)

37. Volcano Island Merpup

38. Magical Merpup

39. Ella's alter ego

40. Skye's alter ego

41. Everest's alter ego

42. Tuck's alter ego

43. Ella's robot

44. Skye's robot

45. Olivia (PAW Patrol: The Movie character)

46. Mighty Pups Olivia

47. Cloud Puff

48. Mighty Pups Cloud Puff

49. The Copycat (mimicry artist)

50. Miss Marmalady (antagonist)

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