100 Japanese dog names for male and female pups

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Looking for the perfect Japanese dog name? We've got you covered with our list of 100 unique and meaningful names for both male and female dogs. 

From traditional to contemporary, we've handpicked names that capture the beauty and essence of Japanese culture. 

Whether you're seeking a strong and noble name for your male pup or a graceful and delicate name for your female companion, this list has something for everyone. 

Discover the charm of Japanese dog names and give your furry friend a name that reflects their personality and your love for Japan. 

Japanese dog names male and female

50 Japanese dog names male

Here are 50 Japanese-inspired dog names for male dogs:

1. Hiro

2. Kuma (meaning "bear")

3. Yuki (meaning "snow")

4. Akira (meaning "bright" or "clear")

5. Haru (meaning "spring")

6. Koji

7. Kenji

8. Ryu (meaning "dragon")

9. Taro (meaning "first-born")

10. Satoshi

11. Hiroshi

12. Haruki (meaning "shining brightly")

13. Takeshi (meaning "warrior")

14. Jiro (meaning "second son")

15. Genji

16. Daiki (meaning "great glory")

17. Kaito (meaning "ocean flying" or "soaring")

18. Riku (meaning "land" or "earth")

19. Ren (meaning "lotus" or "love")

20. Nobu (meaning "faith" or "trust")

21. Ryo

22. Kazuki (meaning "peaceful hope")

23. Toshiro (meaning "talented" or "intelligent")

24. Shinji (meaning "true second")

25. Yuta (meaning "gentle" or "superior")

26. Akio (meaning "bright" or "man")

27. Kenzo (meaning "strong and healthy")

28. Kojiro (meaning "little broom")

29. Makoto (meaning "sincerity" or "truth")

30. Renji (meaning "benevolent ruler")

31. Yori (meaning "trustworthy")

32. Sora (meaning "sky")

33. Taiki (meaning "great radiance")

34. Ryuji (meaning "dragon child")

35. Kota (meaning "thick woods" or "happiness")

36. Haruto (meaning "sun flying" or "soaring")

37. Kazu (meaning "peace" or "harmony")

38. Shiro (meaning "white")

39. Shun (meaning "speed" or "swift")

40. Junpei (meaning "obedient" or "pure")

41. Masaru (meaning "victorious")

42. Hideo (meaning "excellent" or "splendid")

43. Hiroki (meaning "abundant" or "great")

44. Katsuo (meaning "victory" or "hero")

45. Ryuichi (meaning "one truth" or "dragon one")

46. Tetsuya (meaning "philosophy" or "iron")

47. Shin (meaning "truth" or "new")

48. Takeru (meaning "fierce" or "warrior")

49. Yoshio (meaning "good" or "respectful")

50. Yori (meaning "reliable" or "trustworthy")

50 Japanese dog names female

Here are 50 Japanese-inspired dog names for female dogs:

1. Sakura (meaning "cherry blossom")

2. Hana (meaning "flower")

3. Yuki (meaning "snow")

4. Kiko (meaning "chronicle" or "noble")

5. Momo (meaning "peach")

6. Nami (meaning "wave")

7. Suki (meaning "beloved")

8. Ayame (meaning "iris")

9. Kimiko (meaning "noble" or "empress child")

10. Mei (meaning "beautiful")

11. Amaya (meaning "night rain")

12. Rin (meaning "dignified" or "cold")

13. Kira (meaning "sparkling" or "glittering")

14. Aika (meaning "love song")

15. Chika (meaning "scattered flowers")

16. Yumi (meaning "beautiful" or "archery bow")

17. Mika (meaning "beautiful fragrance")

18. Rei (meaning "gratitude" or "elegant")

19. Misaki (meaning "beautiful blossom")

20. Sora (meaning "sky")

21. Hoshi (meaning "star")

22. Natsu (meaning "summer")

23. Megumi (meaning "blessing")

24. Emi (meaning "beautiful" or "blessed")

25. Kohana (meaning "little flower")

26. Yui (meaning "gentle" or "superior")

27. Akari (meaning "light")

28. Kohana (meaning "little flower")

29. Asuka (meaning "tomorrow's fragrance")

30. Chiyoko (meaning "thousand generations")

31. Hikari (meaning "light")

32. Yuri (meaning "lily")

33. Kiyomi (meaning "pure beauty")

34. Kimi (meaning "noble" or "empress")

35. Himari (meaning "goodness" or "beautiful pear tree")

36. Ayumi (meaning "walk" or "progress")

37. Amaterasu (the Japanese sun goddess)

38. Ayaka (meaning "colorful" or "flower")

39. Yumeko (meaning "dream child")

40. Kazumi (meaning "harmonious beauty")

41. Miki (meaning "beautiful princess")

42. Chie (meaning "wisdom" or "intellect")

43. Aoi (meaning "blue")

44. Ayano (meaning "my color")

45. Koko (meaning "stork" or "stork child")

46. Mana (meaning "love" or "affection")

47. Suzu (meaning "bell" or "tin")

48. Kaori (meaning "fragrance" or "perfume")

49. Mai (meaning "dance" or "brightness")

50. Sayuri (meaning "small lily" or "flowering lily")

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These names capture the elegance and beauty of Japanese culture and can be a lovely choice for your female companion.

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